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Nimbus Capture lets you take screenshots quickly from the comfort of your browser and includes annotation tools to mark up your image. If you purchased a brand new PC, it is likely that your device is a victim of bloatware. Those unfamiliar apps are most likely bloatware that you should get rid of. If you have either version of Minecraft connected to Steam, you will also have the ability to snap screenshots with Steam.

Although Windows 10 is very versatile and powerful, it gets problems sometimes. Thus, starting your computer in Safe Mode is a handy way to diagnose and fix common issues with your PC. Your PC will now display the Choose an option screen. Besides helping to identify computer viruses, Safe Mode can help fix hard drive issues. And Safe Mode can also help if Audio cards driver your PC is overheating — of course, you should also check your CPU temp to help there. The Troubleshoot tile is the last option in the list next to an icon of some tools.

) What should I consider when Windows-10/11 plays the DVDs automatically

We have released support for accessing the GPU inside of WSL 2 distros! This means you can now use WSL for machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science scenarios more easily when big data sets are involved. Up to August 2016, Windows 10 usage was increasing, with it then plateauing, while eventually in 2018, it became more popular than Windows 7 .

  • Once you are done with region selection, it will copy the screenshot to the clipboard.
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  • Users can go to Microsoft’sEdge Download pageto get it—for macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux as well as for Windows.
  • You need to make sure that the CD/DVD drive is included in your ThinkPad laptop if it is not.

However, another loophole was found that allowed Windows 7 and 8.1 users upgrade to Windows 10 using existing licenses, even though the free upgrade offers officially ended in 2017. No word from Microsoft was given whether it will be closed and some outlets have continued to promote it as a free method of upgrading from the now-unsupported Windows 7. Microsoft said that the loophole is not intended to be used in this manner.

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From what I understand this is unexpected behavior. It is supposed to remain uninstalled, but is not. To make matters worse, when attempting to uninstall KB , Windows 10 states that the update is not installed, when that is clearly untrue, as shown in the image below. The rest of the in-place upgrade amounts to waiting about a half an hour for Windows to reinstall, which rebooted our system several times and didn’t require any further intervention from us. If you have a UEFI system with Secure Boot enabled, it’s suggested that you disable Secure Boot before starting the in-place upgrade and then re-enable the feature afterward.

How to take a screenshot of your active window

Windows 10 or 11 can’t play DVDs because there’s no built-in DVD codec, the DVD drivers are outdated, or specific registry entries are corrupted. You can run the Windows Troubleshooter to diagnose and fix the problem automatically, or you can manually find what’s causing the issue and fix it accordingly. Cecilia Hwung is the marketing manager of Digiarty Software and the editor-in-chief of VideoProc team. She pursues common progress with her team and expects to share more creative content and useful information to readers. She has strong interest in copywriting and rich experience in video editing tips. Having a right DVD player for Windows 10 has been a godsend.